HR Services

The Human Resources services we provide can be grouped within the macro-classification of organizational intervention (What we look for). These services are usually included in a planning and organizational analysis project in order to directly intervene in organization.

Intervention is always active and intended to search for, assess or train people suited to filling a specific role within the Client's organization. Organizational intervention is based on job profiles and job descriptions, supplied directly by the Client and developed with the help of our Consultants.

Hr Services


Link HR Search & Selection is specialised in the Search and Selection field. For many years it has been providing a Search & Selection service specialised in the segment of highly skilled professional profiles and Middle Management.

The Link HR team is composed of professionals and consultants with many years of experience in human resources, as well as occupational psychologists dedicated to complex and structured selection processes.

The Search & Selection of staff consulting service needs to combine the experience of sector professionals with the end Client's key role.

Link HR Professional Solutions was set up to meet all the needs of companies, which, with the assistance of a dedicated Consultant, can gain access to an advanced Human Resources skills platform.

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Lo sviluppo tecnologico e digitale delle funzioni e dei processi aziendali ha portato a una crescita esponenziale della richiesta di profili professionali e competenze del settore dell’Information Technology e Digitale. Il mismatch generato dal disallineamento di competenze e dalla carenza di risorse per il settore ICT&Digital ha spinto Link HR a creare una divisione specializzata nella ricerca e selezione di questi profili. 

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Link HR Assessment & Evaluation provides a consulting service that analyses the content and skills of each organizational role. It assists with understanding which professional profiles  are essential to the business process and which can fulfil individual job positions with success and satisfaction. The initial work will be developed with the Client's company in order to create Job Profiles and methods akin to the company's culture and values (which can be assimilated and are minimally invasive).

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