HR Consulting

Link Human Resources Consulting assists all companies, large or small, in managing the most important resource instrumental to achieving business objectives. The main resources that a company requires for its products or services are financial and technological, however, none of these can be used without the fundamental one: Human Resources.

Hr Consulting


This takes us to the initial step in consulting. Once the business strategy has been analysed, our consultants define the Organizational Plan.  

  • Defining the best organizational structure
  • Defining individual organizational aspects
  • Defining a Job & Function description
  • Defining organizational relations
  • Defining core competences
  • Aligning Vision & Mission

The output of the project allows the Client to see which organizational structure is in line with the company's goals, culture and history.

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This takes us to the second step in consulting. Once the organizational plan has been analysed, an assessment can be made of the existing organizational structure.  

  • Defining the organizational analysis plan
  • Defining analysis tools
  • Reporting organizational status 
  • Reporting organizational behaviour
  • Reporting organizational skills and styles
  • Reporting a plan of intervention

The output of the project gives a vision of which structure is available and an understanding of whether it is in line with goals or whether corrective measures are required.

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