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This takes us to the initial step in consulting. Once the business strategy has been analysed, our consultants define the Organizational Plan.  

  • Defining the best organizational structure
  • Defining individual organizational aspects
  • Defining a Job & Function description
  • Defining organizational relations
  • Defining core competences
  • Aligning Vision & Mission

The output of the project allows the Client to see which organizational structure is in line with the company's goals, culture and history.

‹ HR Consulting
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The organizational Consulting service, usually developed with the company's Management, analyses the paths established by the Client's strategy in order to support or regenerate market competitiveness. The Consultant's activities focus on the strategic and organizational levers to put in place in order to understand what the company requires in terms of intangible assets directly related to the company's Human Resources. It is necessary to clearly define the organization and people required to achieve the company's business goals.

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We assist companies with the objective development of an organizational plan aimed at assessing and developing internal Human Resources. Having clear and defined models of skills and behaviour available is the first step towards increasing business performance, reducing costs and, above all, aligning the company's human resources to the business strategy that it wishes to implement. Each business plan requires the right organizational structure. Each company structure has people, skills, roles and behaviours that are instrumental to achieving goals. Having a good strategy but inadequate organization leads to project failure, just as devising a company development plan without taking into consideration which human resources are available exposes a company to excessive risks. 

Organization can be aligned with the Client's business project by defining which structure to adopt in relation to: people, skills, functions, structure, communication and processes.

Subsequently, it is necessary to establish which people will fill individual organizational roles by creating a detailed Job description and Job profile according to the characteristics of roles, skills and behavioural traits.