Link HR Professional Solutions supports other companies in all their activities related to business organization. The process begins immediately after the Owners and Top Management have defined the business strategy.

About Us

Our organizational interventions are grouped into three main macro areas, which include specific activities entrusted to dedicated Consultants. We offer a complete range of Services, however, each Company can decide to make use of a single service such as the Search and Selection of Staff, training, assessment centre, atmosphere analysis, etc. For more complex projects, we can guarantee a coordinated and synergic team of Consultants.

Link HR Professional Solutions helps companies to achieve goals through its tangible assets:

  • Human capital
  • Intellectual capital
  • Structural capital
  • Relational capital
  • Social capital

Working on a company's organization is like working at the same time on the spirit, health, physical fitness and development of people.

Nobody can overcome great challenges without the right spirit (read: business spirit, motivation, passion, vision, etc.). There is no bright future for those who do not care about their own health when they feel good (read: change, invest and develop when the company is profitable). No athlete focuses on winning unless dedicated to training, exertion and sacrifice (read: training, sense of belonging and devotion to the company). Finally, the people we know would not exist today without the evolution and environmental adaptation that have accompanied them (read: market evolution, competition, technology, consumption, etc.).

Therefore, starting from considerations objectively true for people, which should also be so for companies, except that they are not preparing for great challenges, they think only of the present, are not interested in competition and are not influenced by the normal natural selection of markets.

Leaving aside for a moment all organizational theories, which we consider more or less valid, our Services are focused on a company's primary aspect.

The essential basis for consulting in Human Resources is a knowledge of People. Without this skill only rigid theories can be applied.

Link HR starts from the most simple and delicate assumption about the company, i.e. that from company strategies to business results People play a key role. Processes, technologies, products, services, analysis, scenarios, searches, adaptation and development are always in People's hands.